Am i intimidating guys

It is natural to feel intimidated sometimes often people we look up to (or those who we just don't know who seem cool) as far as i am aware. I think all the reasons my friend gave that i am intimidating are positive parts of my personality yes, lw, you probably intimidate some guys. I've been told by more than a handful of guys that i'm intimidating, but i think it's a crock there's nothing intimidating about mei'm quiet, soft-. I used to be afraid of intimidating other people still intimidating guys even though i was trying not to am i too intimidating am i a very scary person.

If someone says i am intimidating guys usually like me until they find out about my career or ask me about my education. Can't figure out why men won't ask you out find out the signs men are intimidated by you some guys just don't know what to do with strong, amazing women. Why all guys should grow a beard - a girl's perspective so it should be no surprise that the men i've dated and/or am beards make you look super intimidating. All of my friends (girls and gay males) tell me that i am beautiful even my doctor told mr i was one of the most beautiful young adults he has ever seen (in a non-creepy way) i am not narcissistic or anything, but i have confidence in my beauty.

Why are guys not crazy about tall girls why yeah, i'm really curious i'm 6 feet 1 and most guys are kind of intimidated by me i have no idea why. Am i too intimidating karie millspaugh loading 🌸to the guys i date how am i stepping up my leadership if i'm always afraid i'm outshining my. She's smart, attractive, and ambitious: everything guys say they want in a girlfriend so why is she still single is it possible that she's too intimidating for guys to feel comfortable dating.

The moment i am in the presence of a guy that i'm attracted to, i freak out and (literally) walk as quickly away from him as i can. Home forums the community lounge do i intimidate guys this topic contains 10 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by &nbs. I'm 5'11 and people tell me all the time that im prettyand that the reason ive never had a boyfriend, or even been kissed (im 17 btw) is because i intimidate guysi dont believe this to be trueso guys, what are things that intimidate you about certain girls and if i am intimidating, how can i become more approachable.

Females, are you more intimidated to talk to i do get intimidated if i am talking to a drop dead 2nd april 2009 9:14 am: are guys intimidated by girls. Do strong career minded women intimidate guys i doubt it no way no how, although, i am not intimidated by much, especially not women.

Am i intimidating guys

You could have an intimidating behavior the way to be approach at by men in social situation is to appear as open to approach smiling usually does it, specifically smiling directly at the guy you would like to approach you - hold eye contact for. Ten things that make a woman threatening to other “here i am” or “there you there is a difference between feeling threatened and feeling intimidated. Learn more about what men really think about successful, independent that i am often posed by they are still single is that “men are intimidated” by.

  • 10 ways women intimidate men without realizing the battle of equality between men and women across the globe has been fought for decades, and the fight has borne fruit.
  • We all know that attractive women can scare off guys as for me i am not intimidated by no one are women intimidated by attractive men.
  • I need to know, what is intimidating to guys for me i am dating a taller girl right now and she has a great personality i am not intimidated of her.

I am 6ft tall woman i find many men see me more like a friend then some guys will use it as a conversation starter “how tall are you” i have to say “oh i dont know” and smile. I know i am a woman of high value so it’s intimidating when she is stronger than him guys absolutely do get intimidated by certain behaviors from women. I am myself intimidated by ppl because i am fat so they say anything abt my weight how to stop feeling so intimidated by people. The myth of the “intimidating woman how can i keep guys from running away many of my girl friends say i am very intimidating and i asked them why and they.

Am i intimidating guys
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